• Eli Bouchard

Double backflip by 8yr old

“Famous for being the youngest kid to ever do a double backflip, Eli Bouchard is a very impressive 8-year-old. Following in the footsteps of Canada’s finest, young Eli has been fortunate enough to spend his time training at a school for young snowboard athletes that has produced some of the top names in the game. Dropping his apparent 2015/16 season edit, it’s clear that Eli is no one hit wonder. There is more to this kid than you thought. Not only will you learn that he can defy the laws of gravity with style, but he also has an insane bag of tricks for his age.

“Eli Bouchard is now the youngest in the world to ever land a double backflip on a snowboard. Not only this, he can ride like a man. In this edit, he is showing several variation of tricks. Eli has been training at Maximise for only 1 year now and we already can see great results. Being serious about training, the kid has a great future in front of him.” – Maximise

Read more at http://snowboarding.transworld.net/videos/eli-bouchard-8-year-old-snowboarder/#RKWa1eF3vYMxyGvo.99

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