• Aquabumps Bondi Beach

Book: The Beach Blog

  • Aquabumps Bondi Beach

“After spending the past 15 years taking photographs and stalking good waves and beautiful beaches I’ve arrived here…the launch of my latest book “The Beach Blog”. To me it’s the mother lode…the big kahuna…the flagship…the Rolls Royce…the holey moley this took a hell of a lot of time (and money) to produce but I am sure my mother is proud. It’s the shiz – this is my best work.

A thousand images shed over 280 glorious uncoated pages, this book sums up a large chunk of my lucky life and what I’ve seen. I love the ocean and live for the beach. It’s ingrained in my life and I hope this comes through when flicking the pages. I genuinely love taking photographs and would continue to do so even if I won lotto or lived on a desert island surrounded by pumping waves.” by Aquabumps.

Read more and purchase at http://www.aquabumps.com/thebeachblog

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